mts not only tests and measures its own finished products, but also your machines, installations, tools and finished components – even outside the visible range: on site at the customer’s or internally.

Using leading edge and high precision technology, mts measures and tests with a working volume of up to 70 meters with a measurement accuracy of up to 0.01 mm – acquired in data records or as a CAD model.


messen_messarm… using a measuring arm
With its seven axes, the measuring arm is highly mobile and is therefore ideal for deployment in difficult areas. mts records the data of components, installations and machines with the utmost accuracy, for verification and for comparison.




messen_lasertracker… by laser tracker
mts uses the laser tracker as a portable 3D measuring system for measurement of large machines and installations – even under production conditions. With its spherical sensor, it acquires 3D coordinates and represents the latter in real time – by means of a rotary encoder and XtremeADM.




messen_trackarm… using TrackArm
The TrackArm is a combination of a laser tracker and a measuring arm. Without reference point acquisition and without direct visual contact, it records the measurement with the utmost accuracy. Measurement results can be displayed and assessed in real time. mts is able to use the TrackArm in any production and development area – on site and therefore economically.