Tactile measuring devices:

1 x Faro Laser Tracker X

2 x 12 foot Faro Platinum measuring arm; measuring volume 3.7 m

1 x 8 foot Faro Platinum measuring arm; measuring volume 2.4 m (with Bluetooth technology)

CAM 2 Q software for measurement against CAD data with theoretical/actual comparison.

CAM 2 Measure X software for measurement of free formed surfaces and geometrical elements, with the possibility of a theoretical/actual comparison using 3D CAD models.

Surface measuring device:

“MITUTOYO Surftest SJ 201P/M” surface roughness test device

Application areas:

system and industrial measurement
fixture construction / component measurement / sampling / initial sampling
bodywork construction
automotive supply parts
vehicle equipment
model and mould building
welding templates
surface assessment / roughness measurement
measurement of formal and positional deviations
profile measurements
drafting of a first sample test report (VDA)
other application areas…