Combi-Winder K 5000:


The combi-winder type K 5000 can be optionally used as a batching unit or as a center winder.

The machine ensures hard winding of the material in both batching and centring modes. In batching mode, different winding hardnesses can be achieved by means of the programmable forward feed of the winding roller. The fabric tension is electronically programmable and adjustable. For relief of the batch in centring mode, the maximum applied weight of the batch on the winding roller can be programmed and automatically controlled by means of a load cell.

The automatic batch ejection and winding shaft changing system ensures simple handling on the machine.

The control has formula management, with which all winding processes are reproducibly mapped and are therefore also verifiable for quality management.

The machine is controlled from the touchscreen color display, with the option of remote maintenance of the software.